Mario Levis

Mario Levis, Clown, musician and juggler, creator of his shows and performances, comes from Belluno. He moved to Turin to attend the Atelier of Physical Theater and develop his skills that he refined and learned to use with the art of street theater. Later he trained with various masters in Europe and began a study tour in Brazil where he was a guest at the Teatro Lume di Campinas, learning their techniques by mixing them with his training.

Over the years he created the Performance of puppetry theater and live music called “The Saw Player Tree” and the show of clowns and manipulation of objects “Hanger?”. Original creations with which he begins to participate in numerous international festivals such as Mimoff Festival in France or Pflasterspektakel Linz and world-wide as Hi Seoul Festival Korea or Fremante Festival Australia.

Silvia Martini

Silvia Martini When she finished her carreer as rythmic gymnastic, she started to study circus into Escuela de Circo Carampa in Madrid and in Los Estudios teatrales Chamè-Genè. For the next three year she studied handstand, clown and knife throwing into the Escuela de circo Criollo in Buenos Aires. She came back to Europe and she went in France, wher she met Claude Victoria, than in Italy Firenza Guidi and Philip Radice into the Atelier of Phisical Theater.

Now she is living in Torin and she is working with her own solo street theatr shows : Happy Hoop and Distraction, winner of OrangoBando 2016, and she is also part of many collaborations as Jolies fantastiques and Duolinda.