La Dama Demodè

Clown, live music, knives throwing and circus show

We are constantly living in need to comunicate where we are, where is the other, what did he think about and when.
Is it possible to be in relationchip without knowing all of this?

The beauty of a random meeting, the purity of an unexpected gesture, a thought sharing in the distance seem to be vintage concepts…maybe Demodè

This is what are living two clowns into their show made by live music plaied, knife throwing, handstands, juggling and many improvised symphony and eccentric follies.

They whant to tell a story about the distance feeling through circus tchnques and live music.
They play with an original structure witch keeps a world of ironic comedy and musical poetry.

By Duolinda
“Mario Levis & Silvia Martini”
Mario Levis Costum: Silvia Martini
Director: Adrian Shwarzstein
Premio Emilio Vassalli 2018
Trampolino 2019
PIC Poetic Invasion of the City 2019
Co-producer: Veregra Street
Places of creation:
“Spiazzo”, “Spazio Dilà” and “Sbocc” circus school